Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin

Well, I'll tell you one thing, American politics ain't boring.

Sen. John McCain has chosen the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin as his running-mate. How 'bout that.

For a man who seemed to always surround himself with people he knows well, Sen. McCain picked as his number two person and person that he would trust to run our country, to a woman he'd met only once.
Well, he was impressed by her enough to have her vetted for the VP job. Vetted. I get to use the new word, vetted. The MSM loves to say, vetted.
Anyway, now we get to meet the amazingly accomplished Gov. Sarah Palin.

She's just an amazing woman. She is a wife and the mother of five, including a baby with Down Syndrome and a son in the armed forces soon going to Iraq. She's a hunter and a fisherman, a state basketball champion (nicknamed "Sarah the Baracuda" for her fierce competitiveness), and a beauty pageant winner (voted Miss Congeniality, no less).
Politically she's the only candidate with executive experience having been the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and now the Governor. She was also the Director of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission.
Palin is known as a reformer, principled, passionate, with an energetic can do attitude, tough but fair, smart, and speaks from her heart. Sen. Biden better be aware that Gov. Palin is also said to be good at debates, and will not go for half truths. She would not have stood for that Charlie Gibson, George Stephenopolis crap.

McCain hit a homer with this choice. Sarah Palin is a conservative with a capital C. She's an attractive woman with strong faith based morals. She wants intelligent design taught in schools, (along with evolution, to be fair), does not believe in saving natural resources and wants ANWR drilling, she allows and encourages aerial shooting of animals, and has a big 'o stuffed real bear in her office. (Calm down Al Gore.) Sarah is known as anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-environment, and anti-labor.

Most of all, she is a woman. Sen. McCain, of course wants to attract the conservatives, especially women. He figures that the unhappy Hillary supporters will find Palin appealing enough to jump party and still make some fem history. Thus his references to Hillary being "passed over" for the Dem ticket. And Palin thanking Hillary for her contribution and saying if they don't want women over there, come over here.

It's all pretty transparent. Transparent yes, and gimmicky tokenism. Maybe, desparet should be added too.
Whether it's a smart move will remain to be seen.

Sarah Palin ain't Hillary Clinton and couldn't be on the best day of her life. Not to disparage the governor but she is not about progress in this country or this world. I can just hear the clock going backwards. Tock tick tock tick.
Palin's idea of progress stands in opposition of everything Hillary. How insulting and patronizing is McCain to think women who supported Hillary Clinton, can't see through this. How insulting to America that he would put winning over the welfare of this nation.

Sen. McCain may think Sarah Palin will be an asset to winning the election and then go to funerals and cut ribbons as VP after the election. Ha! My woman's intuition tells me sister Palin ain't gonna sit still for being no puppet VP. She has said she is used to being productive. And she is principled, remember. That won't go away after the election. She is known for being a whistle blower. She has kicked the legs from under members of special interests and of her own party, including a former republican governor. She's not into political stunts. She's into the greater good as she sees it.

Will McCain really be comfy working with her?
Maybe she will bend to the ways and means of McCain who has done a lot of bending himself since becoming a candidate. We'll see how the governor handles all this. She is no saint and is being investigated for abuses of her office now. But I think, McCain may have bitten off more than just a token female with this woman.


clnmike said...

It was so transparent it wasnt even funny.

I want to see the people who bite this bait.

Mad Hatter said...

I like Palin, very nice, still not voting this election

Darius T. Williams said...

Such a pretty smooth move, I think.

Jackie said...

Darius and clnmike,
Pretty smooth is right. We'll see how she holds up and who bites. Geesh.

mad hatter,
Not even Palin, the Queen of the Wild Frontier, can get you to vote, huh.

jjbrock said...

Jackie girl-come on let’s face it this was not a great pick. Too me it just high lighted this old fool age and the ability too think.

McCain did all that talk about experience, and then goes and selects a woman he hardly knows.

who hardly knows foreign policy and who can hardly be seen as instantly ready for the presidency.

McCain knows better and I gave him more credit that he deserved. A lot of Republicans think this pick was brilliant , because it will be difficult for Democrats to run hard against a woman especially since Hillary Clinton cried sexism.

My question will this push those disgruntled Hillary voters McCain's way? I don't think so.

Jackie said...

I used to actually like McCain. I figured if we are gonna be stuck with another one it wpuld be better if it's him. But, you are right, I gave him too much credit.
He thinks he's being slick, but he's just being sleezy.

Mad Hatter said...

Don't know, I do like her, Queen of the Wild Frontier, we call her 'Barracuda' that is 'Sarah Barracuda' on the west coast, we both like the 7 mag and the .308 win. She's kool in my books. I didn't know she was in the choices of VP. For clearification I have been know of her the past 8 years and have followed her media coverage since shes been mayor, then governor then there is other reason, however still not voting a vote for her is a vote for McCain. Then again since I have been in the service it kind of make me feel guilty not supporting him, Obama on the other hand I feel guilty not supporting a black that has the chances of being President of the States, this burns me up being biracial. Anyway I don't care for either candidate, this election im just 'going with the flo' said...

Hey there!!


I am new at this blog so I wanted to drop in and see all of the conversations that have been underway at this blog!

Please feel welcome to stop by my blog any time and share! There is always something tasty cooking!!


Jackie said...

Lisa, you ae not new, you've been here before, so just join in, girl.

Your vote is not about race or McCain or Obama. It's about running our country, the direction of our future, state and local government candidates, federal court judges and most importantly and long lasting the Supreme Court. I must emphasize the importance that the next president will change the Supreme Court. Extremely important!

Mad Hatter said...

Jackie, with respect 'I know the importance of this election' TO ME McCain and Obama haven't hit the mark. People are voting for their own reasons, the country will take of itself (congress, senate). The past 20 years the country has fallen apart thanks to the two past presidents. Im tired of how the government present itself, how dem/rep fight each other, how pity issues become the lifestyle of America, I fought for this country twice ,Stormer91, and the crap that McCain and Obama is spitting out is bull. Thats why im not voting for either one of these dips. RACE is a huge factor, all throughout the DEM convention you heard 'Obama, The First African ....' sorry, its about race. The Supreme Court, (JOKE), im not going to entertain that, look at their last decision. Who ever wins will have to deal with Pelosi and thats a job within itself. Anyway, im going to be content with who ever wins, im going to clap and be happy. Still Not Voting

Jackie said...

That's your choice to not vote. That's fine. BTW thanks for your service to our country.


Monica Roberts said...

Did you ever consider that if you voted for a candidate you actually like, things might change for the better?

Jackie, I'm with you, it's all about the Supreme Court for me.

Monica Roberts said...

A line I'd love to hearJoe Biden say in the upcoming VP debate:

"Governor Palin, I know Sen. Hillary Clinton, I've worked with Senator Hillary Clinton, I've debated Senator Hillary Clinton.

You, madame governor are no senator Clinton."

Jackie said...

I wish we could have Hillary debate Sarah. It wouldn't be pretty.