Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle, Teddy and Joe

Joe Biden has been Senator from Delaware since 1972. He is the chairman of the foreign relations committee which may calm fears of those who are scared Obama won't know how to deal. Biden is liberal, and I've always said he's as close to being a Kennedy without being a Kennedy. He is also very popular in Pennsylvania and Florida. His background is middle class (the guy still takes a train, not a limo, to work). So he was a strategic choice for VP that should resonate with Irish Catholics, key swing states and with working people. He has a nice smile. Well, he does.

Senator Edward Kennedy, who certainly was not expected in Denver while undergoing cancer treatment, not only showed up but spoke to the crowd. Ted is gutsy and determined, strong and hopeful about himself and his party and his country. Tonight his party paid tribute and said thank you. Then, Teddy passed the torch to Obama. I understood why. Kennedy like John McCain is a wealthy man. But, the Kennedy's know about community service and neighborhood cleanups, setting up storefront make-shift offices for community organizing. And like Barack Obama, Kennedy's know about setting up job training to get people back to work and afterschool programs to keep kids safe – working block by block to help people lift up their families. They have hands on experience from a young age getting down to the grassroots and working. It was expected of them.
With all his military background, John McCain wouldn't know how to navigate those waters if his life depended on it. For the current plights of average Americans, he has no economic clue. It's not about having been there, it's about being able to make those connections. To solve diplomatic problems his answers are always militaristic. That's who he is and that's how he thinks. That's scary.

Ted Kennedy also said, "Obama will close the gap between straight and gay." McCain won't even discuss Gay, forgetabout L,B and T. Did anyone see him on Ellen? He scares me. Barack Obama is scary to many Americans too. But, with all our problems, I'm so proud to be an American right now.

Michelle Obama said tonight in her keynote speech, that she hopes we'll be able to say about this election that,
"This time we listened to our hopes, not our fears."

That says it all.

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