Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chicago Sirens Howl

Chicago River North

Oh what a night in Chicago.
Last night the emergency sirens went off in Chicago. The siren only goes off for extreme crisis. Most people have never ever heard it before except for at testing time on Tuesdays at 10:30am. But this was different and it was multiple sirens going off at once. We were watching the news and watching the reddish-yellow sky with the most frequent lighting flashes I have EVER seen. There was a tornado coming. Monica kind of freaked out, got her stuff and commanded we retreat to the basement. NOW!
Ok, Ok. But of course I had to get the flashlights and find the radio and candles and .....
Of course, I had all the emergency stuff together and ready and of course I couldn't remember where the hell I'd put them. Moni got the cell phones and our watches and purses and some puzzle books and pencils. I found the flashlights but no radio. Gotta Go, she is standing at the door. She was right because our apartment is all windows everywhere and the rain and wind and lightning and contant thunder that sounded like growling was getting louder. And the sirens were constant now too.
So we headed for the basement. Other neighbors were camped in the hallways and in the lobby (not smart considering all the glass). But, we went to the laundry room which is really very comfy. Monica was glad to see that she was not alone in being afraid, there were others there. One neighbor had a cat who she said had been upset all evening. Animals know stuff before the TV meteorologist do.
The storm passed through our area quickly so we were only down there long enough to make some calls to family and get to know some very nice neighbors.

It turned out that a string of severe thunderstorms and hurricane force winds, some between 60 and 94 mph, swept through Illinois and Northwest Indiana causing much damage, flooding, fires, and leaving more than 200,000 people in the dark. Viaducts, basements and yards all over the city were flooded. Today, some areas are getting more rain but the forecast calls for temps in the high 80's and no rain for the next few days. Although, both our mother's homes had water in the basement, we were lucky, we suffered no personal damage or injury.
I hope the next time we hear those sirens will be because the Cubs have won the World Series. Oh well, never mind.

Scoreboard at Wrigley Field

Cubs 70's Night Elvis decides to slide on Wrigley field tarp.

Elvis Impersonator at Cubs game is almost blown away.

Logan Square in Chicago

Funnel cloud spotted near Diversy Harbor


Anonymous said...

Holy moley!!!!


Gabi Clayton said...

Wow. I'm glad you are both okay!

I totally understand being scared with something like that.

AnnMarie Kneebone said...

The trees were bending at their trunks outside my windows. Yeah, it was scary.

I'm kept thinking how glad I was to not be out there on my scooter ...

Jackie said...

Thanks Gabi and Alex.
Annmarie, flying scooter? Not good. I'm glad you are ok too.

Tim said...

I'm glad you're ok!

I spent the evening sitting in front of my computer - until the sirens went off. Keep in mind I live on the 17th floor.

I grabbed my scanner and cell phone and retreated not to the lobby, but my bathroom, closed the door, and waited.

Jackie said...

Tim, yeah the bathroom is a god place to hold up. 17th floor, you must have seen quite a lightning show. Glad you are ok.

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