Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hillary's Victory too!

I've always said that we will have health care reform or Hillary is gonna hurt somebody! Remember how she put together and presented a universal health care plan during her husband's first term? I have always appreciated that effort. The bill the president signed into law today was certainly not the sweeping changes she or Obama wanted. But, it is a good beginning and a road to it. So thanks to Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy for making the health of U.S. citizens a priority issue.

Hillary Clinton in the White House Situation Room after the historic vote Sunday night.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscar Crashing Ceilings in 2010

Congrats to history makers at the 2010 Academy Awards.
Geoffrey Fletcher won for Best Adapted Screenplay for Precious. This is the first Academy Award to go to an African American for writing.
Isn't that ridiculous? Fletcher was understandably totally shocked.
Geoffrey, why are all those Fed EX and UPS trucks backing up in your driveway? Could they be delivering plays and books for you to adapt to the screen? Hmmm. Uh Huh! Congrats!

Kathryn Bigelow won Best Director for "The Hurt Locker" She is the first female to take a directing Oscar home. Fellow director Barbra Streisand was beaming when she handed the statue to Bigelow and I could feel the smiles from pioneers like Ida Lupino and Lee Grant and all the current and upcoming female directors who can now crash through the huge hole action director Bigelow blew up for them.

Keep that celluloid ceiling cracking!
Congrats to Mo'Nique, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Precious) 2010. Very classy Mo' wearing a royal blue dress and flower in her hair in tribute to Hattie McDaniel, Best Actress in a Supporting Role 1940 (Gone With the Wind).