Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is Kris Allen, American Idol

Kris Allen won an upset victory tonight and became the new American Idol. Kris beat hard rocker and judge favorite, Adam Lambert. Both men are tremendous talents and proved they can sing in any genre. Adam whose voice reminds me a bit of Freddy Mercury and who can wail high and strong like my guy Steven Tyler, can also croon the ballads. Adam was favored to take it all but Kris whose style is more like John Mayer or John Legend, plays the guitar and piano and won the public's vote with his brilliance on an unexpected song choice of Kanye West's Heartless. Did I say brilliant! OMG! Kris also masterfully reworked Donna Summers' She Works Hard For the Money and Bill Withers' Ain't No Sunshine.

My money and hopes were on Adam but I'm totally fine with Kris. They will both be huge stars. And they won't be alone from this years AI. Allison Iraheta is 17 years old, the youngest ever. She has a big raunchy voice and is the only woman I have ever heard in my life who may come close to equaling Janis Joplin. I know when that bio pic is made Allison could get the part of Janis.

I'm thinking there may be lots of people who felt Adam to be too flamboyant with his black fingernail polish and mascara. I wonder if the young folks get the hard rock wail and antics of classic groups like Kiss, Queen and Aerosmith. Ya think? Of course it's been out there that Adam is gay. True or not, did it effect the vote? If Clay Aiken had been out at the time of his final, would he have gotten as many votes? Will Adam suffer by coming in runner up?
I don't think so!

Rocker Adam Lambert

Crooner Adam.

The two hour AI finale was a star studded celebration of music of all types. Having these young people sing with legends was a splendid idea.
Cindy Lauper, Carlos Santana, Lionel Ritchie, Queen Latifah, Jason Mraz, Will I Am and the fabulous Black Eyed Peas, Kiss, Keith Urban, Rod Stewart, Queen, and even a song sung by the AI final 13 accompanied by comic Steve Martin on banjo. He can play.
I gotta hand it to AI for whatever they do to nurture their contestants along the way, there does not seem to be any backbiting or selfishness among the top ten. They seem to genuinely pull for each other and hurt for each other. AI also encourages the constantants to embrace and explore music from all eras and styles. The show should be commended for that.

These folks are gonna make it big too.
This is Lil Rounds. Don't you just love that name?

Anoop Desai, AKA Anoop Dog. He's so soulful.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bibles and Axe Handles

Alex posted a real story about a man denied the right to say goodbye to his life partner of 26 years. He sat in the parking lot of the hospital with only a photo of his husband.

Some people will never care if it's called civil unions or marriage or how many Supreme Courts or governors or propositions say that I have the right to love. They will never see me as a human being. They will ignore the reality of their own children's lives. They will wave their bibles and self righteousness and will not stop at withholding acceptance, but will stand in the doorway like Lester Maddox with his axe handle.

Many of these people are determined to have the last word. We are forced to live in fear of these people. So we protect ourselves as best we can with living wills and legal documents and civil unions. But, an accident or medical emergency can land us at their mercy. We can instantly come up against the axe handle of doctor or nurse Maddox or aunt or cousin Maddox.

Another scary thing is, we are often blind sided by the family that seems accepting by including a same sex partner in family gatherings and trips and getting along just fine. Then all of a sudden you are not allowed in the hospital room. Not allowed to make decisions. Not a blood relative. You have no kinship rights whatsoever. The same people with their arms around you at the family barbeque are suddenly strangers and worse than that. It's a scary fear to live with. Fear of the known and the unknown Maddox's.
It happens all too often and will continue to happen until we can marry and have universally recognized legal kinship. But even when it's the law of the land, and it will be, there will still be a battle against those like Maddox who closed his business rather than put down the axe handle.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wanda Sykes Tells it Straight

This woman is funny. Did she go over the line. Not in my book she didn't. I guess ole Rush Limbaugh can dish it out, but he can't take it. (Oh, what a surprise.)
This is truly very funny. Wanda covers everything from Michelle's bare arms to Joe Biden's inability to stop talking.
So, if you haven't heard it, take a few minutes to laugh.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monica and I both lost our moms in 2007 but of course our memories are strong and alive. Mother's Day is certainly different for us now. It's funny because we used to say "Mother's Day, oh noooo". That was our inside joke poking fun at the expected obligations on that day from our moms. We miss the joking and all that came with it.

I spent Friday working on craft projects with NJ, my five year old nephew, for his mom and grandmas. His remembrance of my mom (his great grandma) was touching. He remembered the graveside service and said "it was a sad day." He also remembered that "she gave me mints". Those starlite mints were his favorites and one of my mom's final orders was to always have mints at her house for NJ. I'm glad he remembers her. They had a special funny relationship. For some reason it makes me feel good that he remembers.

Mother's Day is in honor of all women, so happy day to you all!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

When the never defeated, big and powerful French army attacked the small and poorly equipped forces of Pueblo, Mexico on May 5, 1862, the French were in for a surprise. Pueblo WON the battle. Talk about Davy and Goliath!
Cinco de Mayo became a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.
Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Michelle Obama celebrates Cinco de Mayo.