Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monica and I both lost our moms in 2007 but of course our memories are strong and alive. Mother's Day is certainly different for us now. It's funny because we used to say "Mother's Day, oh noooo". That was our inside joke poking fun at the expected obligations on that day from our moms. We miss the joking and all that came with it.

I spent Friday working on craft projects with NJ, my five year old nephew, for his mom and grandmas. His remembrance of my mom (his great grandma) was touching. He remembered the graveside service and said "it was a sad day." He also remembered that "she gave me mints". Those starlite mints were his favorites and one of my mom's final orders was to always have mints at her house for NJ. I'm glad he remembers her. They had a special funny relationship. For some reason it makes me feel good that he remembers.

Mother's Day is in honor of all women, so happy day to you all!


Dustin said...

Thanks for such a nice post remembering both your mothers.

Jackie said...

You know JoJo loved and was very proud of you too.

jjbrock said...

Happy memories!My mom is resting in the arms of the Savior also.