Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Very Important Information

Chris, over at Chris' Rants and Raves has posted an article that put into words the attitude in America that may IMO doom us to never becoming the nation we should be. It's sad but true. Reading the words may help us who are disturbed by the last two years, at least see it all clearly. Woosh away the smoke and try as the the president seems to be able to do, remain optomistic.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A True Champion

Secretariat, a champion like no other. He was not only a beautiful red chestnut stallion with his distinctive white star and blaze and three white boots, but he was the greatest ever born. The new movie about this wonderful and amazing athlete brought back the love that America had for the young colt who won the Triple Crown in 1973. That's three long distance races in five weeks. It's a feat almost impossible for any horse.
Secretariat not only won all three races but set records still not touched by any other horse.

His owner Mrs. Penny Tweedy said her colt's eyes were so expressive she knew he understood her words and that he was a big ham who loved racing, posing for pictures, and cheers from the crowd. In most of his races Secretariat kept everyone on edge by hanging back in last place then he'd fly past the other contenders. But, he could also position himself as a front runner and not run out of steam, as in the race below. He just left them all in the dust. Literally in the dust.
This is the last leg of his Triple Crown Championship, the Belmont Stakes. Watch it all, he is unbelivable.

The new movie that tells the story of Secretariat and the woman who owned him, is a triumph in sport and spirit. I loved it.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Living Proof

There is nothing like living proof. My friend Alexandra Billings is proof to all gay and Transgender kids that death is not the answer. Alex writes of her teenage inner torture and turmoil experienced when you know you are different, coupled with her teenage world screaming and demonstrating that that difference means you are not worthy to be treated like other humans. Alex has been through it all and she has survived it all. It is all worth it. Hang in there. You'll find love and support. And, like Alex, you'll have many many friends thanking the Lord that you didn't die.
I love you Alex.

Friday, October 01, 2010

?Questions for Church Goers??

There have been several teen suicides in the news lately. These deaths are high profile news because of the particularly hateful and public circumstances. But these suicides happen everyday. The suicide rate among gay, lesbian, bi, and Transgendered (GLBT) teens is alarmingly high. We all need to work not only to stop the bullying, attacking, and humiliating, but to give our kids a place to turn other than death.

There is now a renewed call to action to let these kids know they are loved and supported regardless of those who taunt them and make them feel flawed and worthless. But, the taunting and making these kids feel unworthy of life is not limited to their classmates. Our society has to take responsibility for the hatred, ignorance and lack of support that leads these kids to such despair that they consider death as their only way out.
What part do you think the church plays in this tragic issue?

20 questions to church goers
(Please feel free to answer in email, on my blog or facebook, some or all, individually or all together or just for yourself. But, PLEASE consider these questions.

1. Could your church be an environment that could contribute to the suicide of a GLBT teen? (This question is revisited after you have answered the others.)

2. What message to these children comes from your church's pulpit, and congregation?

3. Young people are already struggling with growing up issues, how sensitive or insensitive is your church to gay and Transgender teens?

4. What kind of support does your church offer them.

5. Does it only condemn?

6. Does it tell them they are not loved by God?

7. Does your church tell them they displease God because of the way they are?

8. Does your church insist or infer that there is something wrong with them?

9. Does your church tell these children they must change to please God or that God made them and loves them the way they are?

10. Even if your church believes children "choose" to be gay or Transgender, how sensitive to the child's feelings is your church?

11. Does your church tell these children that their feelings are false? Sinful? Wicked?

12. Are GLBT people embarrassed and humiliated and condemned in sermons at your church?

13. Does your church support these children when it is obvious they will not change?

14. Does your church have people that can talk to them without judgement?

15. Does your church allow or encourage counseling that would help the child accept him/herself the way they are?

16. When parents turn away from these kids, does your church offer support to the young people?

17. Does your church standby supportive parents of GLBT children?

18. Have you ever given thought to your church's effect on GLBT children and teens?

19. Whenever an attacked, humiliated, embarrassed, internally tortured gay teen commits suicide, we cry out that it would have gotten better, they could have talked to someone! Does your church present God as a safe haven or another source of condemnation for that child?

20. Now that you have answered these questions, could your church be an environment that could contribute to the suicide of a GLBT teen?