Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A True Champion

Secretariat, a champion like no other. He was not only a beautiful red chestnut stallion with his distinctive white star and blaze and three white boots, but he was the greatest ever born. The new movie about this wonderful and amazing athlete brought back the love that America had for the young colt who won the Triple Crown in 1973. That's three long distance races in five weeks. It's a feat almost impossible for any horse.
Secretariat not only won all three races but set records still not touched by any other horse.

His owner Mrs. Penny Tweedy said her colt's eyes were so expressive she knew he understood her words and that he was a big ham who loved racing, posing for pictures, and cheers from the crowd. In most of his races Secretariat kept everyone on edge by hanging back in last place then he'd fly past the other contenders. But, he could also position himself as a front runner and not run out of steam, as in the race below. He just left them all in the dust. Literally in the dust.
This is the last leg of his Triple Crown Championship, the Belmont Stakes. Watch it all, he is unbelivable.

The new movie that tells the story of Secretariat and the woman who owned him, is a triumph in sport and spirit. I loved it.

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