Monday, February 15, 2010

Opening Ceremony Hallelujah

2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony highlight was the hauntingly beautiful Hallelujah sung by k.d.lang. This song has been covered by a lot of singers but never so passionately as on this winter night in Vancouver B.C. The spectators holding candle like flashlights added to the mood but even if you've heard k.d. do this song before, you ain't heard it like this. The Olympics won't give up the video of the song, but here's a gorgeous version with k.d.

The lyrics are astoundingly beautiful and meaningful to me. Everyone seems to interpret something different, there are the obvious biblical references, and the verses vary. In short though, to me they mean no matter who you are are how big you think you are, life is not always going to be easy and love is not promised to be smooth sailing or everlasting. But, life is to be cherished and love is worth all.

"And every breath we drew was Hallelujah."