Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sam Cook Knew

Last night Barack Obama not only made history but laid down the clear choice.

Joseph A. Palermo over at Huffington Post, wrote:
"Tonight, Barack Obama encapsulated, embodied, and articulated the mood of millions of Americans who clearly see that the last eight years have been a betrayal of America. And the hope he offers promises to restore what this country is supposed to stand for. He seeks to end the divide-and-conquer politics of the Republican Right and begin to heal our nation.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have given us only fear and misery while they have tried to bully and intimidate the world. Never in our history have we experienced such a lethal combination of arrogance and incompetence in a single administration.

Barack Obama is pointing the way forward out of the darkness and fear and anger and division and toward the better angels of our nature. We are so fortunate to have this extremely talented young man emerge in our politics at a time when the nation needs him most."

Sen. Obama spoke of encouraging service to our country. In the "Ask not what your country can do for you.." vein of the Kennedy's who initiated civilian service programs such as the Peace Corp, Obama will put in place incentives like college money for community service. He, like the Kennedy's, know that service builds character and strong communities.

The only thing republicans ever asked of us is to go shop. After 911, shop, after Katrina, here's a card go shop, here's a stimulus check, go shop.

And now two months of big work ahead. Right down to election day. There will certainly be dirty tactics and hanging chad like shenanigans to be wary of.

I'm gonna work real hard but it's still such a dream, not only for the history made, but that we could be on the way to a totally different direction in November.
But no matter what happens, so much has changed already. Democrats should be proud.


jjbrock said...

Jackie what a great history making night that was I wish my mother and grand mother could have witness that event.

Jackie said...

Hopefully we'll have even bigger stuff to celebrate in November and January.