Friday, February 01, 2008

Hillary/Barack - And Then There Were Two

I don't usually watch debates, they make me nervous. I think I was traumatized during the Gore/Bush debates. Watching Al Gore lose every one to that sniggling snide giggling Bush made me ill. So last nights Clinton/Obama debate at the Kodak Theater in front of the Stars was great anti-trauma medicine. They put away their boxing gloves, shook hands and touched and laughed and whispered and darn near went skipping off together to discuss how to destroy John McCain.

Seriously, it was a debate with some substance. They discussed their differences without nastinesss. Like grown-ups.
This one made me happy and proud of America. Both Hillary and Barack mentioned being proud that a woman and an African American were on the stage.

Monica and I agreed that for us the overall winner with a itty bitty tiny slight edge was Hillary Clinton.
My own personel Jackie tallys on the issues were split.
A few issues:
Health care goes to Hillary (no contest)
Foreign diplomacy to Barack
Experience to Hillary
Character to Hillary and Barack
Best line of the night goes to Hillary.
Question: Is it right to continue the two family rule which has seen either a Bush or a Clinton occupy the White house for the past 20 years.
Hillary: "It did take a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush."

The two candidates sitting up there under Hollywood lights with the red white and blue background, looking like America's dream ticket, were asked at the end of the debate if they might join up in November's general election.

"I respect Senator Clinton, I think her service to this country is extraordinary" Obama, added that while it was "premature" to discuss such a possibility, “I’m sure that Hillary would be on anybody’s short list.”

Senator Clinton responded: “Well, I have to agree with everything Barack just said.”

Me too.


Stephen Rader said...

Best line of the night, absolutely!!! I'm slowly moving into the Hillary camp. She really wowed me last night!!! Great post!

Dustin said...

Thanks for the round up on the debate. I missed it yesterday but it sounds like it was a lot more civil and informative than some of the other ones.

I agree, the one liner from Hillary was spot on.