Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl XLII Goes to the Giants

I'm neither a Patriots or Giants fan, I just like football. I like drama too and Superbowl XLII had plenty from the start. The seriously underdog, road warriors from New York City weren't even expected to get past the Greenbay playoff final. Pitted against the multi armed perfectionists from New England, it wasn't predicted that the Giants would be trampled, but no one expected them to win. Period.
So, Superbowl XLII was from the start destined to be either a perfect end to a perfect Patriot season or a Giant upset.
Lots of drama and lots of snacks. The more I yell the more I eat. I mean, three lead changes, dramatic catches, down to the wire, edge of your seat drama, excitement and gaining five pounds.

The key to the Giants victory was the Giants' relentless pressure on Patriots QB Tom Brady. The league MVP was sacked five times and he spent most of the game struggling to find a rhythm, and to get up off his backside.

The Giants leave Brady dazed and confused.

The lock to the Patriots loss was the calm, steady leadership by Giants QB, Eli Manning (the brother of Peyton Manning who trounced my Chicago Bears in last year's Superbowl.)
Also key were offensive plays like this one.

Precision dancing catch by Amani Toomer as he steps just beyond the spot for a 1st down. I love this!

The Patriots who in their 18-0 season could never be held under 20 points in a game, couldn't get past 14 on the biggest Sunday of the season.
The Giants simply out coached and outplayed New England.
I know this 17-14 loss in the only game they couldn't afford to lose, must be a nightmare for the Patriots. I feel bad for them.
But for the Giants' wide receiver Steve Smith and all the New York team,
Oh What A Feeling!


Darius T. Williams said...

Can u believe I didn't even watch the game?!?!

Mes Deux Cents said...

HI Jackie,

Those cheating Patriots won 18 games and then lost the only game that really counted!

Cheaters never prosper!

Go N.Y.!!

Jackie said...

Darius bro, what the... man you better get a tape or something so you can talk about it.

MDC, yeah and the Patriot coach stomped off the field. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I think they look adorable in their little outfits!


Jackie said...

OMG! Sweetie, you do not have one ounce of jock in you.

Although, I did mention to Moni yesterday, that the Giants' helmets clashed with their "outfits".

Monica Roberts said...

I was leaning toward the Giants with fellow Houstonian Michael Strahan on their roster.

I'm with you Ms Deux. The Patriots being busted for illegally videotaping opposition practices didn't sit well with me either.