Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OBAMA 13-8

Barack won more states than Hillary. Hillary got the big ones, California and New York and so far, with New Mexico still counting and the delegate count still on going, she won more delegates.
But it was not a deciding night for the Democrats. Still close as hell. This could go to the convention undecided. It could be a nail biting, rip roaring, super delegate deciding mess. It could be like a Rocky movie and come down to whoever's still standing on his/her feet. I am just glad it is between two good candidates.


Dustin said...

This continues to be quite an exciting contest. I am really glad that there are so many people who are interested enough to be involved.

Jackie said...

Yep, the voter turnouts are high. That's a good thing.

Monica Roberts said...

This has been the most exciting preisdential primary election to watch for me since I first began paying attention to them in 1976.