Friday, February 22, 2008

Time Out for Fun

I remember seeing comedians impersonate political figures. It was fun. Remember Vaughn Meader (or course you don't) who did such an excellent JFK. Everyone did the Kennedys and Nixon and thanks only to Saturday Night Live, we saw the Reagan, Bush, Carter, Clinton eras spoofed too.
I miss variety shows where we could see timely comedy during an ongoing election season.
Well, I guess that's what Youtube is for.
If Hillary becomes president, Rosemary Watson will be the girl of the hour. Her Hillary spoofs are pretty funny and spot on impressions.
Here are a couple that I'm sure even Hillary would laugh at.

This is Hill but I'm sure they all do this.

I still miss variety shows.

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rosemary watson said...

Jackie, Thanks! We think alike. I have no idea why TV execs. don't get that those shows are what people like! Everything goes in cycles and I'm sure they'll have their time again. If you have time to see my latest video, it's even more along these lines as Hillary plays and sings at the piano.
It's called Hillary:Barack, I've Got My Groove On.

Hope it makes you laugh.