Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bill Clinton, First Black President but...

Toni Morrison, the Noble Prize Laureate, who dubbed Bill Clinton as the first Black prez, has endorsed Barack Obama. The Transgriot has the full story here including the story of the Black prez statement and Clinton's response. ( And, that was quite a statement, yall. I'd never read it in it's entirety.)
Morrison who makes no secret that she admires Hillary Clinton's knowledge and political savvy, chose vision over experience. She said of Obama:

"In addition to keen intelligence, integrity and a rare authenticity, you exhibit something that has nothing to do with age, experience, race or gender and something I don't see in other candidates," Morrison wrote. "That something is a creative imagination which coupled with brilliance equals wisdom. It is too bad if we associate it only with gray hair and old age. Or if we call searing vision naivete. Or if we believe cunning is insight. Or if we settle for finessing cures tailored for each ravaged tree in the forest while ignoring the poisonous landscape that feeds and surrounds it."

The poisonous landscape that feeds and surrounds it. That's what I'd like to see the next president address.
Obama speaks of working to change that landscape which is often all or part of our problems.

I definitely hold some faith that Hillary Clinton could be that president too.
Having close proximity to a Commander in Chief, is different from being the Commander in Chief. With the power of the presidency, it's possible that if Hillary gets the command, sits in that oval office, her office, we could very well start seeing some landscape changes. I'm just saying...

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Darius T. Williams said...

She's a smart cookie (toni morrison) she knows who to endorse - lol.