Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oscar Nom for RUBY DEE

Ruby Dee has been a star of stage and screen since her 1946 Broadway debut in Anna Lucasta. She has since appeared hundreds of times in plays, movies and television shows. She is a published novelist, poet and columnist for the Amsterdam News, as well as a longtime activist in the civil rights movement. She has two Emmys, a Grammy and was honored with her late husband Ossie Davis with a lifetime achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild. The list of her achievements and awards go on and on and on.

And now, for her role in An American Gangster, Ruby Dee at age 84, has been nominated for an OSCAR in the Best Actress In a Supporting Role category.
How 'bout that!

It was a long time coming. I think she (and other cast members) should have gotten the Oscar nod for the 1963 Gone Are The Days and it baffles me how the Academy missed all the superb performances including Dee's in A Raisin in the Sun. But I won't go there.
Congrats to RUBY DEE !!!!!!!!!!


Darius T. Williams said...

Yes - congrats to her. Especially w/all that she's done - she was hot too in raisin in the sun...I loved her performance.

New Black Woman said...

I hope she wins. She's a fine actress!

Monica Roberts said...

Would be nice for her to win it.

Gives me a reason to watch the Oscars this year.

Jackie said...

I haven't seen many of the films up this year so i have some catching up to do. But an Oscar for Ruby is long overdue. She is an amazing artist.

Anonymous said...

She should have not only been nominated for "Raisin", she should have WON! She's one of America's finest actors.