Sunday, April 30, 2006


Stupid Girls is the title of a song written by the artist Pink. The song is about teen girls who are engulfed in celebs like Paris Hilton to the point of losing themselves. These young women are spending beaucoup bucks to have anything and everything Paris and her ilk would wear. But the sad thing is they are pretending to be dumb because they think it's sexy. Especially around boys, they fawn the dizzy blond persona and even purposely play dumb in school and refuse to do anything geeky like be in band. Pink wants these girls to know being sexy and smart are not "oil and water". This is such a disturbing trend and I applaud Pink for standing up.

Thanks to Alex, I was made aware of another song written by Pink.
This song Dear Mr.President speaks for itself.

This is not only a great song but a great performance.

Both songs are on Pink's new CD, I'm not Dead.

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