Thursday, April 27, 2006

LINK Sausages

I am adding links to the site and journals for two people already introduced on this blog.
Steve Schalchlin had one of the first web logs on the net. He is an award winning blogger. His blog Living in the Bonus Round is so named because he was very close to dying from AIDS related illness but didn’t. He wrote a play and started a journal instead. No sad prose here though. Steve is a rocker, songwriter, actor, singer and loves to share his songs, photos and videos.

Alexandra Billings is my beautiful friend. I cannot express the blessing I feel having her in my life. The cool thing is many people who read her journal feel the same although they have never met her. That's how her writing has effected people.

Although Alex and Steve's blogs are totally different they both have the most entertaining, sweet, serious, humorous, thought provoking journals. They will keep your eyes, ears, emotions, funny bone and brain busy, I gaurantee.. So check out Alexandra Billings’ website and her live journal, Stillettos and Sneakers and Steve Schalchlin’s blog, Life in the Bonus Round. There is plenty of background info there on them both... Go discover, learn, laugh, cry, think, feel, and experience Alexandra and Steve.

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