Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

We had a pretty good Christmas this year. We all missed my mom and Monica's mom. We lost them both last year. But, we cling together and keeping some of their traditions help too. Although Moni and me and my nephew Nolen and his family have our own personal Christmas at home, the main events of gift opening and dinner are still at Jojo's house.

Monica's birthday is December 24th so of course she gets her day mixed in with Christmas. Our Santa Monica had two cakes this year. A small one from me and a big chocolate one my sister Marcia made for her.

While my mom Jojo was ill, she used a humongous amount of Kleenex. We should have had some stock in that company, anyway my sister started saving the Kleenex boxes. Last Christmas, from those boxes she built a fireplace, covered it with corrigated brick paper and made a wood grain contact paper mantle and voila a beautiful movable Christmas setting. Jojo would have loved it.
Note the gingerbread house Marcie made with Marcellus, 10 and NJ, 4. Tristan 9 months, was not involved because he is "the grabber". They would never have had enough materials to finish it with Tris around.

Me and Marcellus.

My nephew's beautiful wife, Aisha.

My wonderful nephew, Nolen.

We thought for sure "the grabber" Tristan would love tearing open gifts. But all the noise and paper tearing excitement especially from his brother and cousin only overwhelmed him and he climbed for the safety of mom's lap.

At my house, I love to decorate the bookshelves.

Moni's desk in our office becomes a winter wonderland.

Moni and I decorate the tree and windows with Jojo's hand made snowflakes.

Nolen and I have the same camera and being the confused people we are, a lot of the shots I thought I had are actually on his camera. But, here is NJ at school after his holiday program. Santa heard every word.

Moni found these adorable elves last year.

Happy New Year!


jjbrock said...

Happy New Year Jackie and Monica. I hope and pray that 2009 is the year of turn around Lord I need it.

Jackie, the fireplace was made out of Kleenex boxes? Unbelievable, that is amazing. I must try that next year.

I miss my mom also it's been 4 years so I understand how you and Monica must feel, but be encourage it will get better.

Jackie said...

Thanks. One good thing is that there is going to be so much effort in making 2009 better that it gives us hope.
Best to you and yours starting TODAY!

Dustin said...

Happy New Year Jackie! I LOVE these pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them. The fireplace is very nice and, of course, I love the snowflakes on the tree.

One of the highlights of my year was seeing you, Nolen and his family at the book fair in June. It was a pleasant surprise!! I look forward to reading your blog this year.

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing....what a beautiful're pretty cute too!
Happy New Year to you and Monica! Can't wait to get on with something positive and always feels so good, even though we know that life is always a mixed blessing, and there will always be some husband lost his Mom this summer too, so our thoughts are with both of you as you deal with your grief...losing a Mom is BIG stuff!

Darius T. Williams said...

wow - such great pictures!

Happy New Year!

Jackie said...

Ann, yep kleenex boxes. She used the big 280 count boxes. Monica supplied the brick paper. I don't know what kind of glue she used but it's sturdy and very light and easy to move.

Dustin, thanks so much for the picture! Jojo would have loved that you treasured and used her snowflakes.

Chris, thanks. Big hug to your hubby from us.

Darius, Happy New year you too. Just seeing your name makes me hungry. : ) said...

Hi there! {waves}

I am just passing through and wanted to bring "Happy New Year!" greetings to you!

That chocolate cake looks sooooo good. Mmmmm.

You are welcome to drop by my place any time you want to delve into some deeep issues!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!