Friday, January 16, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Bush. Let the door knob..... And, take yo mamma....

President George Walker Bush will soon be ex-prez Bush 43 and not a moment too soon. He's had his final press conference and he's given his farewll address.
My fellow Americans, this man still doesn't get it.
He never got it. He's still defending his war, expressing disappointment that weapons of mass destruction weren't found. Oopsie. Well, Saddam was a bad guy so what's the diff.
He still doesn't get that what happened with Katrina was horrific. We saved folks on the roof tops, he said. How very white of you. It took four days to respond and then dumped the citizens in a stadium with no water or food or medical care to say the least. That whole Katrina thing broke my heart and opened my eyes to a lot. Oh, and I hope we never have to see his old mamma ever again either because she is just plain igorant. Her many thoughtful responses over the years were proof of that. She is one mean, nasty piece of work. Good Bye! Good Bye! Good Bye!!!!!
Now it's time to celebrate the end of the Bush's.

Goodbye Mr. President
Mem Shannon performing
Everybody clap yo hands and sing along!
Yeah, take some time to clap your hands and snap your fingers and dance a little bit. Shake that thang yall! Bush is heading for the door. Hail To the Chief never sounded so good!

So get up offa that thang and dance,
cuz America's gonna be betta!
Just get up offa that thang....

There's nothing like the blues to bring it on home
So join America in singing this song
Goodbye Mr. Dubya, so glad you're gone

Feel free to sing your own verses. I have plenty. : )

Hat tip to Teddi Ayers

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Darius T. Williams said... do know that, right? Hilarious!