Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Beautiful Day!

January 20, 2009
It was snowing like crazy this morning. But, as sick of winter as we all are in Chicago, the snowfall today was the feathery fluffy billowy kind of snowflakes that makes everything sparkle. People were saying how beautiful it is.

It was reportedly freezing on the national mall today between the Lincoln and Washington Monuments, but that million plus crowd didn't let that deter them from coming together witnessing and celebrating.

I have to admit I cried buckets today watching the first African American become President of the United States of America. President Barack Hussein Obama. How 'bout that!
I always knew this could happen but I suppose right up to this morning, I didn't believe it ever would happen.

"We remain a young nation" the new president said to us today, but
"in the words of scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things."
So enough with the silly partisan bickering and divisive prejudices. Time to get down to the business of restoring America as a world leader. Time to talk and act like a grown-up to friends and enemies. Time to think beyond ourselves personally and nationally. Time to step up like only Americans can.

Despite the problems we have going, isn't this an exciting time?


Chris said...

I cried too Jackie...all of the emotion that I think I was holding on to for 30+ years just came out...I finally found something to write about after several weeks, so I will blog about it soon. Wasn't the helicopter lifting off, just the best feeling? That was the defining moment for me........

jjbrock said...

Jackie I cried too. What a beautiful thing that took place today. I pray that Obama allow God to lead and guide him.

Jackie said...

did you hear the crowd singing as the helicopter flew off, nananana, nananana, hey hey hey, goodbye. That's cold.

He is a wise man so I know he will.

Monica Roberts said...

Bushie boy has earned every ounce of negativity and contempt that he showed the American people who we not Rangers and Pioneers.

He took an American that was in the best shape in decades and horribly screwed it up.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to NPR yesterday and the new social secretary (I can't remember her name) was talking about working with the African Americans in the WH- getting stuff going for the new admin., etc. - and she asked them how it was with a new and AA president. They responded that it was something else, something they never thought would happen and just so happy it has happened. She started to tear up - she's AA too but like most people with a Harvard MBA degree, a little removed from setting up tables and making flower arrangements - cause it was coming home to her how far AA's have come. I am still crying.

But now, my lovely and dear people, time for all of us to get down to work!

Love to both of you - Chrisanne