Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Extra Mac'n Cheese for America, Please

This time of year especially, we see requests for food donations everywhere; at the market, school, the office, everywhere. Mostly the donations are geared toward Holiday dinners for those who can't afford the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday feasts. This year, here in the USA, it is more vital than ever to give. This economy-in-the-toilet thing is not something we can look at as affecting those poor unfortunate others. None of us know if or how or when it will trickle it's way to us. And, excuse the word trickle, it is often not a trickle but more like a gush. My church has a weekly offering that goes to a local HIV/AIDS food pantry and a local food bank. A couple of weeks ago we were told that not only were these pantries experiencing an upsurge in need and a decrease in contributions and food donations, but some of the people who were frequent contributors are now coming in for food themselves.

We hear about more and more business closings and downsizings and they all have domino effects. When Lehman Bros. closed, there were ripples down to the the dry cleaner, the car service employee, the health club, and it goes rippling on down.

So, it is important to remember that the need is not just for one day's feast. We are hurting more than ever. So when you do that Thanksgiving shopping, pick up some extra items for the donation box.
I realize that box is always there. I gotta remember to remember it even after Christmas. We gotta get each other through this, yall.


Chris said...

HI Jackie...nice to see you back. Thanks for the reminder. It's always easy to forget to take the time during a busy season. I think I'll have the grand daughters go with me to the food bank to take some food...trying to teach them at an early age to give back, and they are so into it! Have a great Turkey Day!

Jackie said...

Yep, I had my 4 year old nephew take some for his pre-school food drive. Four year olds are very selfish so you gotta let them do it hands on. Startng early age is the key, ya gotta pry it from their selfish little hands. But they'll get it.