Monday, November 03, 2008

MY PRAYER for AMERICA, November, 03, 2008

Tomorrow we will speak our piece as a nation. We will decide on our national direction. If your God is not called God, you know what to do. I believe in the power of common vibes, in our united consiousness.

O gracious God, hear us as we pray at this turning point in our country. Please forgive our shortcomings as a nation. We now suffer the results of greed, injustice, lies, and a lack of vision. Help us as we seek a vision of justice and the strength to follow it. Purify out hearts to see and love the truth.

Lord, we know that America has been blessed to hold a unique place in the world. She holds up the torch for freedom, justice, prosperity, hope, and peace.
With this blessing Lord, Americans hold a unique responsibility not only to ourselves and each other but to the people of the world and to this planet to elevate our nation to the ideals on which she was founded.

Let Your light that shines through all planes and dimensions shine into every heart at this time, bringing a great illumination to the people of this country as they prepare to exercise their sacred right to vote and to elect a new President of the United States.

Dear God, whichever man wins at the end of the day tomorrow, grant him wisdom, grant him courage, and even more grant him an open heart.


Chris said...

That was fabulous!!! I feel like the only thing left to do right now is pray! I've campaigned my little heart out, and I know everyone has done their best for their candidates. Now....we wait......
Thanks for visiting my humble little blog! I know there may be a few issues yet to write about as I'm still concerned for the integrity of our voting system...if McCain wins, something is fishy...I can't get my thoughts together right now to talk about it, as I feel like a mess, but heard a GREAT discussion on NPR this am and would like to write about it later...hope it's not an issue!!!
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie said...

Thanks Chris. I working and praying too. We can't let up until it's done. I hope there aren't too many problems tomorrow.

Monica Roberts said...

Here's hoping y'all have something to celebrate in Grant park tomorrow

Jackie said...

I said I won't believe it til I see it, well the polls are closing soon and from the folks in all the lines, I am seeing it. Wow! Monica!