Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dehumanizing Gay People

Did you ever think you would see a Black president in your lifetime? That's a question asked over and over lately. It took 40 years since Dr. King to get this done. It took the most destructive, arrogant, self aggrandizing president in the history of this country to bring it about. It took every black civil rights leader on whose shoulders the new president stands. It took loss of jobs and homes and loss of U.S. respect in the world, and ruination of the planet. It took a special person with character, vision, intelligence and common sense, skill and decorum to weather the attacks, brave the threats and run the most organized grassroots campaign in this country's history. Why did it take all of that? Why are Americans so damn slow? Or so damn selfish.

Well, this nation held it back as long as it could. We grew up a lot in spite of ourselves in these last two years. Will we learn anything from this?

On that same triumphant night on that same California ballot, voters decided to undo a righted wrong by voting for Proposition 8 banning gay marriage after the state Supreme Court voted to allow it. How can this discrimination be in any way consistent, coherent? Easy, people don't see gay people as people. The dehumanizing of gay people makes it easy to deny us basic human rights. The same strategy is used in war. Dehumanizing the enemy makes it easier to dismiss and attack them.

We can argue against homophobia forever. We can argue with the church people with their love the sinner hate the sin bullshit, and their we are doing what God wants crap, until the earth turns backwards. We can try and explain that it's not a choice, that we don't want to recruit your damn kids, or interfere with your lousy marriages, until our faces turn blue. California is blue, Illinois is too, so what. I am tired of explaining that I am human and that I love, and want the same things everyone else does. No one should have to do that. I am tired of people being content to make me less then they are to make themselves comfy in their narrow views. BEEN THERE DONE THAT!

I am willing to take change step by step. I know it takes time. Times up! There is no excuse for such a lack of common sense. Maybe I am so angry because on the very night I finally felt I was home, I was made to feel like an alien. I don't care what people think or what pastor narrow minded says, I am an American citizen and I legally deserve my civil rights. How black folks in particular don't get this is mind blowing. Californians and Chicagoans took it to the streets. Here we go again.

Will I be 100 years old answering, did you ever think you would see this in your lifetime?


Chris said...

I'm hearing this from all my gay friends, and sounds like most are putting their angry energy into new efforts to continue the work...I keep getting e-mails about protests, petition signing, etc. Two have had to shut comments down, on their blogs because of harassment from hateful trolls. I wish you luck in your efforts to get what you deserve...I'll be doing my part too.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the support. It means a lot.

Arial Ray said...

I hope it doesn't take 100 years. I don't think it will. Our voices will be heard.

Jackie said...

Your recent post about equal marriage rights in Canada gave me such hope. Hopefully we can catch up to you guys.

Monica Roberts said...

I definitely feel your frustration and pain. I was feeling that way last year over ENDA.

I don't think it'll take that long to enact marriage equality.

But this was a wake up call for white dominated gay orgs.

They have done a piss poor job of including GLBT peeps of color and creating the perception that the GLBT movement is a 'white thang'

They failed to enlist the help of the NBJC and Latino/a groups in order to create a No on 8 message targeted specifically to AA and Latino voters.

And its past time for some Black gay peeps to quit being more concerned about partying and pageants and getting out confronting the Christobigots in our midst

Darius T. Williams said...

This is kinda horrible - one step forward and this prop 8 was like a few steps backward. But in time I'm sure change will happen!

Jackie said...

Monica, AMEN! They did not consider targeting a message geared to the black populace in their "No" ads and more inclusion of groups of color may have solved that problem.