Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Inhaling Alice

Willard Wigans is a "micro-miniaturist," an artist known for creating some of the world's smallest sculptures. Wigan's, born in Birmingham England, is dyslexic and can neither read or write, but he can create a masterpiece within the eye of a tiny sewing needle, on top of a pin, the tip of an eyelash or a grain of sand. Wigan's is self taught and works in the solitude of night when there is less static electricity to interfere with the precision required to create the pieces. Wigan's, often working on a scale the width of a human hair, uses meditation to slow his breathing and heartbeat for total stillness of hand. He says this intense concentration leaves him mentally and physically drained.
Willard Wigan works with materials such as toothpicks, sugar crystals, and grains of rice and sand. It takes months to carve these materials into micro-figures. Whew! Check out the video to find out what happened to his Alice in Wonderland sculpture.

This man does the impossible. Check this out.
(Thanks Lavern)

Amazing! 20 million bucks? Art created between heartbeats, Priceless.

Boxing ring next to a match head.

Elvis on a pin head.

Girl with balloon on an eyelash attached to a needle.

Henry the 8th and wives.

Peter Pan on a fish hook.

The Thinker on the head of a pin.

Snow White and her guys

Visitors must view art through a microscope.
Can you believe this is possible? Would you have the patience to do this?


Dustin said...

I read about this recently. It is just fascinating. This man has mad skills to be able to do this.

jjbrock said...

Jackie this is awesome!

Darius T. Williams said...

Nope...no patience for me. I'd never be able to do this - lol.

Chris said...

Wow! This is amazing!