Sunday, September 07, 2008

Your Social Security Statement

Periodically, the Social Security Administration sends you a statement of your earnings record. Also included is your estimated benefit amount at age 62, 66, 70 and disability amount if you qualify for that benefit. There is info regarding family benefits for your spouse and children.
And, in addition there are estimates for your survivors.

"This Social Security Statement can help you plan for your financial future." It's right there on form SSA-7005-SM-SI.
Monica received her statement recently. A simple SSA form that you should check carefully for mistakes and file away with your important papers.
A simple form that always makes me angry.

Although Monica and I have shared our lives for 29 years, I would not be eligible or entitled to her survivor benefit, nor she to mine. As citizens and tax payers into that system, we didn't pay one cent less than any other couple that could receive this benefit. How is this fair? How is this legal?

The SSA uses the term "loved one" thru out it's publications.
"If a loved one has died, contact the Social Security Administration immediately."
"These benefits are to help relieve financial burdens for your loved ones."
Based on these statements gay couples should are entitled to file for spouse and survivor benefits. Unfortunately, we are not eligible because our government has determined that people like me and Monica do not qualify as "loved ones". It does saves a bundle of money for the SSA at our expense.

As a Federal employee, I paid SSA benefits to families in the railroad industry, and I still have all the benefit requirements cemented in my brain. For example, the SSA even has provisions to pay benefits to ex-spouses, even though they are re-married. So, I could have married some guy 35 years ago and he could show up and have more rights to my earnings than Monica. How's that for fair and equitable treatment of citizens.
It's not just about "married" or a party and a ring and social status, although everyone deserves those things. It's about fairness and survival for people who have built and lived a life together.

It must be nice for those who can take such benefits for granted.


clnmike said...

Your right that is bogus, at this point the country should be over these hang ups.

Jackie said...

Damn right, clnmike! That's why can I never support a candidate that supports treating me like I am not a full American.