Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Get Over It, Bill!

Is it me or is Bill Clinton holding a big ole grudge? After seeing him on "The View" I was amazed at how restrained and almost reluctant he was regarding encouraging voters for Obama.
He said Sen. Obama would win and went on to say, “I genuinely like both of them, I genuinely — I think that we make a terrible mistake believing that we have to find something wrong with the people we can’t vote for.”
That's fine and no we shouldn't have to. But when did he come to that conclusion?

After he was asked who would win, he explained why he thought Obama would win by pointing to several external factors:

* These are difficult economic times, he said (without saying directly that Mr. Obama would benefit from the financial crisis);
* “America is growing more diverse, racially, religiously, culturally _ demographically the country is moving toward Democratic voters in general;”
* Voter registration “is up for Democrats and flat for Republicans in 20 of the most important states.”
Hmmmmmm true but hmmmmmmmmmm.

I also know, because Clinton has said it, that he thinks Obama is not using the relative success of the Clinton administration vs. the total turmoil of the Bush years enough in the campaign. Bill Clinton is talking as fast as he can trying to deflect any blame from his administration for the economic crisis we are in. He is worried about his damn legacy and he should be. He knows that the deregulation of the FCC rules that allowed for the conglomoration and ruination of the media and independent voices, happened on his watch. He knows that he signed Reaganesque legislation that further relaxed banking regulations that allowed bankers to turn into high risk greedy gamblers. He knows that a $700 Billion buck bailout with no oversights or accountability will not fix this problem. He knows America is sitting on a house of flimsy cards. Bill does not want the blame for this horrible crisis.

Yes, that's the reality, but politically, for the campaign, I agree with Bill Clinton that contrasting the two administrations would hit home with folks. Prez Clinton wants to protect his legacy. I get that. Obama needs to win. America needs that.

But the grudge thing is kinda obvious. We are close to election day and he needs to get over Hillary's defeat. There are still huge hurdles to getting away from these horrible people and we need not only a change in the White House but as many democratic legislators as possible. Maybe with a clear majority, a Democratic Congress will have the balls to do what needs to be done to save this nation.
Right now we need Bill Clinton. He is still influential as hell.

Here's Bill Clinton followed by Chris Rock on David Letterman.
Chris makes some good points. What do you think?


Darius T. Williams said...

Um...I gotta tell you - I agree a bit. I think Bill did have a grudge, but you've gotta admit - the man knew what he was talking about. I'm 26 so 8 years ago I wasn't really into politics...and when Bill started 16 years ago I really wasn't into politics...so it's interesting for me to see him in action now. I'm older and know a bit more and so listening to him now is really interesting. I loved many of his points of view. I genuinely want to hear more. He was kinda all over the place - but I did find him very insightful.

LOL - I love the View.

Jackie said...

Darius, Clinton is brilliant. Hands down brilliant. His address at the convention layed out perfectly what has happened in America and what we need to fix it. Yes, he made some big mistakes during his time, just as Barack will. He admits that McCain or any GOP will be a disater, but now he seems to be hedging and holding back. We can't afford that now.

clnmike said...

Oh he still cant get over it, it's like pulling teeth with him.