Saturday, September 27, 2008

John McCain Showed Up

"I agree with you, John", said Barack Obama. The pundits counted how many times he said, I agree, in last nights debate. I'll bet before the weekend is out there will be an ad by McCain with every I agree sound bite. This from a reformer, the new Change McCain. Clean up Washington McCain. Well John, that's exactly what's wrong with Washington. Both you and Sen Obama are running for president of the same country last time I checked. So of course you'd have to agree on many things. How stupid that they aren't allowed to say so. Foolish and dishonest posturing wastes a lot of silly time. Saying, I made a mistake, or I agree, or the situation has changed so I've changed my opinion, are such big No No's in D.C. I hate that. It's disingenuous and boring. Props to any politician who bucks that bullshit.
This is one of the attitudes Obama often speaks of changing.

Both Senators showed up at the debate last night and did their thing well. But, Monica and I both noticed that during the debate, McCain did not ever look at Obama. It really irked the hell out of Monica. It's like he would not acknowledge or honor that Obama was there. That was the debate format they chose and it's downright disrespectful and rude. And, it says a lot about McCain and what kind of president he'll be.

What about showing some mutual respect to a colleague standing a few feet from you? As president, when meeting with a foreign representative or head of state, especially an adversary, showing respect for them or their position, acknowledging them, is the first step to finding common ground and building a report for working out differences. I don't believe John McCain is capable of doing that.

I've always hated when it's America's turn to speak at the United Nations. We're always preachy and condescending and dismissive. The Bush administration raised this to an art form and added some nasty. This same you-don't-count attitude is what I saw from McCain last night.

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clnmike said...

"I agree with you, John",

That annoyed the hell out of me. I will call it a draw, neither one made any progress in my book.