Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rush to Injustice

Rush Limbaugh is worse than simply a conservative windbag, he is IMO a terrible American and a terrible human being. Yesterday, on his radio show he said Barack Obama and his wife have chips on their shoulders against this country and want to bring the USA down a peg. To have political differences and ideological differences is one thing, but to outright say that this president's purpose is to intentionally harm this nation to workout some "chip" he and his wife are carrying around is something else. He however, didn't explain this chip or what it consists of. Uh huh.
The sad thing is that Limbaugh probably no more believes this than the man in the moon, but he knows that planting that seed and cultivating this doubt and fear will be believed by the people he is trying so desperately to hold on to. And yes, I consider his statement as playing the race card. Sad, sad man Rush.

Then it was on to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Rush called her a reverse racist because she made a statement that she may have insight as a woman, and as a Latino woman, that white men don't have. Duh!
Well, he checked into her record and found that she has a good one and a moderate one at that, and that her decisions are not that of a racist at all. So what does he draw from this? That she being ambitious, has cultivated this moderate record on purpose hoping to get onto the Supreme Court and turn into a super liberal activist justice. She'll turn on us, he warns.
This is a desperate grasping at straws by a man trying to hold on. His logic and arguments are getting more far fetched by the day.
Well, he still has Elisabeth Hasselbeck.


Chris said...

Agree on all points! Desparation at it's best......otherwise, where does he get this stuff?

Jackie said...

Yes and the desparation is showing with the hater groups too. The terrible killing at the Holocaust Museum in Washington shows this. These looney people hear and see folks like Rush and it encourages them.