Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Michael Jackson is dead. That is a heart aching statement. He was only 50 years old.
For kids and young folks during the 1970's and 1980's, today is a sad day as we lose another pop icon that contributed to our memories.

Michael and my mom shared an August 29 birth date. He and Monica were the same age. Me, Monica, my nephew and my mom and my friend Susie endured seats on a muddy White Sox Park field to see the VICTORY Tour. I could never wear those mud soaked shoes again, but the magic of the special effects and astonishing showmanship of that performance was worth it. It was spectacular. I was lucky enough to have seen the Jackson 5 before at, I believe it was the Chicago Amphitheater. They were all teens then.

After Quincy Jones and MJ teamed-up in the most successful collaboration in music history, for the making of Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad, there was no doubt that Michael was the biggest star on the planet.

My step-dad was the worlds biggest Michael fan. He read everything MJ and seemed to take a fatherly pride in his accomplishments. I know it disturbed him that Michael had issues with his father. He loved that Michael transcended and surpassed every record and every imaginable barrier.

The Motown 25th Anniversary Special was monumental for MJ and for music. I remember the day of that show, Rick a co-worker, saying Michael was overrated as an entertainer. He came in to work the next day and ate crow. A complete 360.
Michael had introduced the moonwalk during his "Billy Jean" performance which became the biggest hit and video on Thriller. Thriller was not only the largest selling album of all time but each song broke records as a single. Thriller changed everything. Black music was not even played on MTV, until Thriller. It opened all kinds of doors.

Michael was eccentric and isolated and obviously troubled. Yes, his looks and actions became downright weird. We have all known him practically all of his life. We have all watched him change. Now, we may or may not ever know for sure what caused him to alter his face or what caused his demons.
I cried when they put Michael Jackson in handcuffs. Not because he was guilty or innocent but because it hurt that for whatever reason, he had come to that moment.

My sister had Michael's posters on her wall

and years later her son had MJ posters on his wall.

Michael was one of the most important and influential musical figures of the 20th century.
People of all ages have some memories of Michael Jackson's music.

Rest In Peace, little brother. Maybe you can finally go out and play.


Chris said...

I wasn't so much a fan, but did like his music. I found his life just so sad and tragic. What he did to himself physically over the years came from a very troubled place I'm sure....I always thought he was the cutest thing, and was growing into a very nice looking young man. I was sorry to hear about his death, and knowing his family, the drama will continue for a while longer than need be.......

Jackie said...

Chris, the drama has no choice but to continue. What a mess. His self mutilation was certainly a symbol of the pain and turbulance going on inside him. It's a shame.

Dustin said...

I think I am still in shock. I was really hoping to catch a leg of his tour since I have never seen him in concert. He will be missed by so many.

Monica said...

I'm always blown away when I see the tape of him dancing and singing at such a young age-never had a dance lesson or singing lesson. He looked so professional. His talent was truly a gift from God. How fortunate we were to grow up with him and enjoy his music.
I heard him say in an interview, "it hurts to be me". But now, his pain (emotional and physical) is gone. Rest in peace, Michael-finally.

Edward said...

Thing is when I heard of Michael's death I was singing one of his songs to one of my office mates. I received a text from my Daughter, just a few lines....Dad Michael Jackson died. I am in charge, in many ways of my life and to a large part those that I support and lead, but the news of Michael's death caused me more than a moment of pause.

Michael and to an extent his brothers wrote the soundtrack of my teenage and early adult life, sounds and songs can make you time travel and the memories and the songs have kept coming back I have been riding a wave of fond memories and fun times all focused by a soundtrack produced by the Jackson Five and MJ. Wonderful memories, wonderful times incredible soundtrack...

Jackie said...

Edward, me too. Absolutely

Carol said...

That's truly sad that he died so early means young age we lost one pop star that's really painful!!!
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