Sunday, June 07, 2009

Homeless Graduate!!

You can't do what, why? Too hard, can't focus, too expensive, too old, too tired, too whatever.
Well Toni Clark, a 50 year old homeless woman in New Jersey, is a college grad. She got her degree. I didn't say used to be, or formerly homeless. I'm saying she earned her degree while she was homeless. How 'bout that.
Congrats Toni!!!

Hat tip to Ann. Old Black Church


jjbrock said...

Jackie when I turned 50 last year that was one of my excuses why I couldn't go back to school and the other one was I can't focus ...So now I can retire those two excuses...Toni has really inspired me to think about taking some on-line courses.

Chris said...

Amazing...always good to hear something positive...thanks!