Friday, October 10, 2008

Which One? That One!

As you all know, Senator John McCain referred to Senator Barack Obama as "that one" in the debate Tuesday night. McCain is angry and just can't fit into his reality of how the world goes, that this Black guy could actually be winning this race. I can just feel his anguish. After all, John knows he is the hero and he's white and priviledged and America is set up for HIM. Certainly not for this guy. He wonders what has happened to my America? This shouldn't even be a contest. Gone are the days.....blah blah....Darkys..blah blah blah.

Look John McCain, I'm sure the Clintons felt the same disbelief. How could this happen? Hell, I couldn't believe it myself and I'm just starting to believe that this country will allow it to happen. But, take heart John, there are still plenty of those who will never vote for anyone black. You and Sarah are blessed to have the terrorist fear angle so you don't have to go the racist route (wink, wink). Stir up the nuts until they have blood in their crazy eyes. Say nothing at your rallys in response to increasing shouts of "he's a terroist" and more violent threats that I don't even want to repeat. I had said that I am disapointed in the McCain I though you were, but I am also disgusted by you. Disgusted. You are selfish and racist and your cry "Country First" is such bullshit it makes me sick.

But you will lose because it's bigger than Barack Obama. He (as he's said many times) is just a tool. He didn't just wake up one morning and decide to run for president. While stumping around the nation for other candidates in 2000 and 2004, everywhere he went he was besieged with pleas to run for that office. So much so that he actually started to consider it and the support was so quick and strong and overwhelming and diverse, that it happened. His campaign organization is astounding. I have never met such people from every walk of life imaginable with such substance, brilliance, humor, and spirit. And the thing that you need to know John McCain, is all that is not about that guy named Obama it's about this country. It's way bigger than any one person. It's a grassroots desire to challenge Americans to pay attention, participate, cut the BS out of government and politics, and restore our global standing in the world. I'm just an ordinary person and that's what I want and I'll back anybody who wants that too, no matter who it is. There was only one candidate who even addressed it.

Speaking of cutting the BS. Let's do that. Everyone in this country knows that when John McCain says "that one", he means "that nigger". We all know it, (except maybe Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she's a lost cause).


jjbrock said...

Jackie great call! McCain is more surprise because "that one" is winning.

I agree that's what happen to Hillary she thought it was in the bag but it was not to be.

McCain was banking on the country seeing Obama blackness but that don't seems to be working.

The only color America is seeing right now is green. The Republican base want McCain to hit Obama harder.

I am asking my self what else can he do beside physical laying hands on Obama, please!

Darius T. Williams said...

Wasn't this the most hilarious thing ever? Like, for real.