Thursday, October 09, 2008

Some Funny Stuff

These are some funny tidbits from some funny folks at Tuesday night's Project A. L. S. benefit at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Host Jerry Stiller called Jon Stewart "America's young elder statesman of political comedy" and surmised that on his Comedy Central news, Stewart "can't take sides."

"Oh," said Stewart. "I think it's pretty clear. Neither of them is perfect, but if you, out of nowhere, are going to grab a woman out of the woods and make her your vice presidential candidate, what can I do?

"[Sarah Palin] is like Jodie Foster in the movie 'Nell,' " Stewart continued. "They just found her, and she was speaking her own special language.

"Have you noticed how [Palin's] rallies have begun to take on the characteristics of the last days of the Weimar Republic? In Florida, she asked 'Who is Barack Obama?' Hey, lady, we just met YOU five fucking weeks ago."

The Gala benefit was held the same night as the last debate.

Chris Rock noted, "We're missing the debate right now. Probably McCain is asking Obama, 'Could you go get me my car?'"

"You know, this is a nonprofit," said Stiller, "so we should probably poke fun at Obama, too."

The comics paused for awhile, until Stiller finally said, "I know! Barack Obama has big ears."

These are funny. It's getting way to serious around here in the USA.

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