Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain, The Opportunist

I don't like being fooled. John McCain fooled me into liking him so much that I was glad he entered the race for prez. But I've been reading and reading about this guy and I now realize he's not the man I thought he was at all. We never really know these folks much other than their public persona. I know that.

Sure, I'd like to think public officials I support are nice, but I care more that they at least stand for what they say they do. I am all for growing and changing, in fact I don't trust people who stick to decisions or views even when they know better or situations change. I see nothing wrong really, with jumping on the occasional band wagon. But, when your entire life is spent jumping from wagon to wagon and changing principles like your suit, using and saying anything to get what you want, I consider this being dishonest and opportunistic.

This opportunistic behaviour seems to be the M O used to build Senator John McCain's entire facade. If you read Rolling Stone's October 16th cover story Make Believe Maverick much of which quotes directly from McCain's book Faith of My Fathers, you will see this pattern that explains the man we see in this campaign. It is a fascinating read and clears up succinctly who John McCain is. Everything falls into place and makes sense for me.

McCain knows he was a spoiled Navy brat who got into Annapolis through nepotism and was allowed to finish school (894 out of 899) due to nepotism. He knows and admits he got assignments in the Navy because of his dad and only kept his wings because of his dad and granddad. He goofed off At Annapolis and admits he paid little attention in flight school. He crashed a couple planes, bogarded his way out of waiting in holding patterns to land because he didn't want to wait his turn in line. He was reckless in planes, no top gun this John Sidney McCain III. His dad and grandfather were both Navy Admirals, so there ya go. The article goes into his war/POW years which he saw as "a good story to sell..", womanizing and general treatment of women, his marriages, gambling, war mongering attitude, his horrible scary temperament, Keating connection and more. Also the article breaks down some of McCain's opportunistic view changes. Just click on Double Talk Express in the article or here.
Can you believe Senator McCain was once for gay marrige? I never heard of anyone progressing backwards.

I found most interesting the section that explains how McCain found that being a Maverick and reaching across the isle, as he loves to say, was profitable. He did it once and found it got him so much press and respect that he "wanted more of that". What a guy. Be careful supporting him on any issue because he will do a 180 in a heartbeat.

But, If you only read one part, read "He is Hotheaded" about his temperament. It's quite scary to think this man could be Commander-in-Chief of anything.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey Jackie,

Wow. I knew he was the class dunce and at the very bottom, but I didn't know he bogarded his way out of holding patterns or crashed two planes. I've often wondered that a different pilot wouldn't have been caught by the Viet Cong. Nope, this hot head needs to retire - hopefully on Nov 5th! Hee-hee.

Jackie said...

Yep Kit, this McCain guy is something else.