Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiger's still hot!

I love golf and especially the Masters and U.S. Open. The drama, the amazing skills, the edge of your seat suspense, the personalities, the outfits.
The underdog and the Tiger. That's the way it usually goes. But, this time Tiger was the underdog. Coming back from knee surgery, they all wondered if he still had it.

Oh, Tiger got behind but came back and kept on coming back. Saturday, Woods sank a 40-foot eagle putt to take the outright lead. On Sunday, he got behind but fought back and bumped in a 12-foot birdie to force the playoff.

Yesterday, he had to fight back from 7 strokes behind with his usual never count Tiger out attitude and skill to take it into Sudden Death round with unlikely finals opponent Rocco Mediate. Rocco hit into a sand trap and Tiger took advantage and won his 14th major tournament. It took 91 holes to do it.

I like this Rocco guy. Rocco 45, who ranked 157th in the world and never finished better than fourth in a major tournament, seemed quite overwhelmed at being in a finals with Tiger. "I can't believe I'm sitting here!"
He is talkative and animated and not at all like the serious, concentrating player. He didn't take a lot of time setting up his shots, and was constantly chatting with everyone including the ball. He teased Tiger after his sensational Saturday round,
“Mr. Woods, Mr. Woods,” Mediate had shouted from amid the media “I have a question for you. Are you out of your mind?”

It's obvious Tiger wasn't just sitting around with a wounded knee. He has some buff new pecs, biceps to die for, and look at those shoulders and waistline. Time well spent.


Monica said...
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Rich said...

Did you hear that he's OUT for the season. He really damaged that knee by playing against his doctor's orders, but he is the man.

Jackie said...

Yes Rich, I heard. Bummer. Do they still say bummer? Can't keep up.
He'll be back and do it some more. Count on it.

Darius T. Williams said...

I totally am in the wrong field. I should have majored in golf instead of business.

Jackie said...

I heard that, Darius!

Monica Roberts said...

Let me guess, the first comment was from a Tiger hater.

'Tiger Woods...Tiger Woods I like him.'