Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More George Carlin

The American Dream

Yep, sneaks up on ya and we don't even notice.
Like self serve pumps at the gas station. Remember when they cost less because we had to do the pumping? When did that stop? I didn't notice.
Illinois Standardized Test's passing grade was lowered 10 points this year. Yayyy! More passing grades. Gotta be really dumb not to pass it. Guess What?
Like when they booted off Phil Donahue and Bill Mahr. Did you get that timing? I did, and it scared me really bad. Not suppose to happen if America. No one seemed to notice.
We are owned, and we gotta wake up, take the ownership back and make the MF's work FOR us.

Soft Language

Me, I'm an openly black, visually assisted and heterosexually challenged. How 'bout that?


Dustin said...

Severe Appearance deficit...I laughed out loud. He was so funny. Thanks for posting these videos. They are hilarious!

Jackie said...

That man was amazing. I will do more from time to time. We have to keep Carlin in our heads. Thank goodness there is so much video.