Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Fitting Bush Tribute?

Tributes to U.S. presidents have come in all forms -- take the Washington Monument, the Kennedy Space Center and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, to name a few. And soon, if a San Francisco group has its way, there could be the George W. Bush Sewage Plant, according to The New York Times.

A group called the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco has been collecting signatures to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant after Bush upon his exit from office next year. The plan -- conceived in a bar -- would place a vote on the November ballot to offer "an appropriate honor for a truly unique president," the group told the Times. Supporters said that they have enough signatures to qualify the measure.
“Most politicians tend to be narcissistic and egomaniacs,” said Brian McConnell, an organizer who regularly suits up as Uncle Sam to solicit signatures. “So it is important for satirists to help define their history rather than letting them define their own history.”

Whether it is successful or not, the group wants supporters to participate in a "synchronized flush" when the new president is inaugurated on Jan. 20 to send a flood of water toward the plant.

“It’s a way of doing something physical that’s mentally freeing,” said Stacey Reineccius, 45, a software consultant and entrepreneur who supports the plan.

Well, I don't think I want that to become a reality, not that it's not deserved. Just putting it forth as a serious idea certainly should say something to Mr. Bush about how he will be remembered.
I will be proud to join the ceremonial flush. Whoosh!


Annie said...

San Francisco blows literally. His legacy among many acomplisments for just one example that he balanced the Supreme Court.I say No to gay marriage.

Liberal minded jerk off. That's according to me.

Monica Roberts said...

Ah of the 25 percenters defending the worst president of all-time.

As usual we can always count on them to slither out from the caves they dwell in, hurl their insulting comments, and hide behind pseudonymns because they don't have the cojones to attach their names to the negative comments they make.

His legacy of fostering divisive hatred, wrecking our constitution, lying to start a war, and trashing our country's good name arounbd the world merits a sewage treatment plant and proba ly a few city dumps being named for him.

Jackie said...

Absolutely Monica! I'm sure Bush would allow Annie to join him in this honor and get flushed away along with him. Good riddance.