Wednesday, December 12, 2007

With a Lot of Help From My Friends

When you are faced with circumstances in which you have no control and you can't even begin to explain your feelings, it helps when someone who has been there wraps their arms around you. It helps to know friends have you in their thoughts and prayers and check in on you. I am very lucky to have good friends. Believe me, it means so much.
My friend Alex lost her mom Mimi, unexpectantly. She had no time to prepare. Although I had that time, I was still not prepared. There probably is no such thing as being prepared. But Alex, having had more time to deal with the loss of her mom, has written a lovely post to help me understand what I'm feeling and give me hope. As she does so often Alex reminds us of our humanity and how much alike we all are. It's a lovely tribute to both our mom's, has some fun memories and a great perfomance of Jojo's favorite song.
Thanks Alex.

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Monica Roberts said...

I second that emotion.

When I was down in the dumps and hadn't posted on my blog in a few days, that triggered concerned phone calls and e-mails from more than a few people.

Having good friends around is a necessary part of nagvigating our way through life.