Monday, December 24, 2007

Shopping in Chicago

The holiday season weather is always an adventure and you never know what to expect here. Saturday it was a balmy 50 degrees. All the snow and ice was melting making it a bit sloppy but sloshing around is OK as long as it's warm. But it was also very dreary, no sun all day.
Needless to say, Monica and I will have a hard Christmastime this year without our moms. Today is Monica's birthday. Happy Birthday Sweetie! Her mom always called her at 7:20 am (the time of her birth) with an overly dramatic happy birthday song. So many little hurdles to get through, but in time they will hopefully become fond remembrances.
While decorating the house, I pulled out the beautiful, intricate, lacy snowflakes hand crocheted by Jojo.
These are now of course little treasures and hopefully won't continue to cause a major meltdown in years to come.

Back to Chitown shopping conditions being weird, Sunday, it was 18 degrees and snowing and blowing something fierce. Of course some folks were still dressed for balmy and looking all shocked. Meteorologist love Chicago because unlike LA we have actual weather and folks really depend on them.

Wherever you are, I hope you're all toasty and comfy waiting for Santa tonight and I hope you all get your holiday wishes.


Monica Roberts said...

Pass on my birthday greetings to Monica!

Dustin said...

These are beautiful snowflakes. Thanks for posting them.

Jackie said...

Thanks Monica, I will.

She made dozens of them, each one different and a few even red and green but mostly white. They are beautiful.