Saturday, September 15, 2007

George W. Bush

We all know where we were on that horrid 9-11 morning, and how we learned of the terrorist attacks. We all know that our dear president thought it more important to finish reading a story to the class he was visiting, than to simply say sorry kids, there's been an emergency, I have to leave.
Alexandra's Video Friday feature includes an interesting video of Bush's memory of how he learned of the events in NYC.

I didn't know that after reading the story he still did not leave. I recently saw a tape of Mr. Bush in the school assembly hall filled with teachers and students, explaining that he had to leave because "a terrible thing has happened in our country." There was an audible moan from the crowd. But, they should have already known since there was a TV outside the classroom? Don'tcha think?

The sad thing is, that this president would feel the need to stand before people and tell an outright, detailed lie, about that morning.
And, if he would lie about something so simple...........


Tim said...

You know what else is funny? If you go back and look at the tape, after he was "whispered" into his ear, he literally just sits there in silence with a crazy-stupid-dumb look on his face for several minutes.


And this monkey is our president?
Can't wait until 2008!

Jackie said...

Tim, OMG! Won't it wonderful to be rid of him!
We haven't even begun to realize the damage this man has done to this nation and to the world. History will not be kind to him.

Tim said...

Well Jackie, most people don't realize this, but Presidents do not get lifetime protection anymore. They only get it for (I believe) two years now. Clinton was the last president to get lifetime protection.

It's on the Secret Service's website.

I think you know what'll happen when Bush's protection expires.

Jackie said...

Tim, I didn't know that. You mean that.... will have to walk around and face the world he screwed up without protection? He may need to stay on his pretend ranch and pretend to be a cowboy.