Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hypocrisy Rules

August 29th is my mother's birthday. She is 76! Go Jo Go!

Yesterday was also the second anniversary of Katrina and I watched a couple of the many updates and special reports.
Our government's Katrina response did more damage to my heart than a ton of greasy junk food and a four pack a day habit could have. I doubt if I'll ever get over it but, I am grateful for the wake up slap in the face.
I didn't think I was naive. I've worked for the U.S. Government, worked on political campaigns and with politicians. I grew up Black, spent my summers in the south, and I am gay and a woman. I know racism and bigotry. But I didn't know the DEPTHS of U.S. hypocrisy and hatred until August 29, 2005.

I could blame it all on Bush and his insensitive ignorant mother, but I won't because it goes deeper than them. It goes beyond party or so-called liberals and conservatives.
So, from that date forward my faith in our American Government was shaken to the core, permanently. I still have faith in the American people to help each other, but not this government.

Hypocrisy, thy name is America. Watching the political debates is a joke, really. America is made up of so many underground societies that will NEVER be addressed by any candidate or politician. We will never deal with anything; the drug problem, poverty, public education, health care, bigotry, crime etc., because what's real in America is never discussed or dealt with in any real way. It's all band aids and bull shit. Republicans and Democrats are amazingly alike in this way.

In light of Senator Larry Craig's adamant declaration that he is NOT gay, made in response to his former guilty plea when arrested for lewd behavior in a Minnesota airport bathroom stall, I surprisingly found myself agreeing with Tucker Carlson. How 'bout that!
Tucker noted that every one of Senator Craig's former friends and colleagues were ready to drop him like they'd never known or worked with him. All perfectly willing to throw him on the fire. "Not one.." Tucker said, was willing to say, he's in trouble yes, but I liked working with him, he's a nice guy. Not one.
Sen. Craig's not gay activities are no secret around Washington. No big surprises here. And yet, everyone is feigning shock and lighting torches to run him out of town like the Frankenstein monster. I want him gone too. He is the worst kind of hypocrite. But the hypocrisy of his Washington cronies stinks to high heavens too.


Monica Roberts said...

Tell your mom Happy Belated Birthday for me!

Mes Deaux Cents said...

I hope your mother had a great birthday.

With regard to Mr. Craig, what I want to know is what does it mean when he says "I'm not gay and I have never been gay", isn't that redundant?

But as you said in an earlier post "Dim Dems" the politicians that we really need won't be elected. What we need is a statesperson, not someone who wakes up every morning and reads the latest polls and then knows what he or she thinks for the day. I think Dennis Kucinich is a great candidate. He seems like he has the vision to really lead. But as you said, it's all a pipe dream, he won't be elected.

Thanks for your post

Jackie said...

Thanks ladies.

Yep it is redundant and kinda funny and of course sad. I suppose he says he's never been gay because folks have been saying it since the 1980's. He doesn't stand a chance of keeping his seat now. This guy has managed to offend everyone; homophobes, gays. family value folks with his infidelity, and everyone else with his lying.
I wish America had the guts to elect and stand behind candidates for real change. I wish we had a political system that would allow that person to function without all the BS.

Deemer said...

Interesting post and great blog!

Jackie said...

Thanks deemer. :0)