Thursday, August 16, 2007


We still celebrate this American Treasure, even 30 years after his death.
He was gorgeous and could sing and move his hips like no one else. He admitted he was not really much of a guitarist, that's a surprise to many people - the piano was more his instrument, and he was good, especially with blues and gospel. I loved his unique, nerdy, quirky dancing and loved most when he sat at the piano or just with a mike and sang.

The 1968 Comeback Special with it's big production numbers and intimate jam sessions in front of a small studio audience remain one of my favorite concert performances ever.
I liked his movies too. Well, some of them. The first Elvis flick Love Me Tender 1956, Jailhouse Rock 1957, Kid Galahad, Wild in the Country with Hope Lange, Viva Las Vegas with Ann Margaret 1964, and King Creole in 1958, his most critically acclaimed acting performance. It's a shame he never pursued more serious roles outside of the usual light fluff. It's a shame he didn't, even with Barbra Streisands strong encouragement, take the role opposite her in A Star is Born. It may have changed his life.

So they are lined up outside Graceland today to remember his music and phenomenal success and his unfortunate tragic early end. He was the consummate rags to riches to overindulgent American story. And we can't let him go.

Rockin' to the Jailhouse Rock !

Elvis sings Memories in 1968 special.

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