Thursday, February 15, 2007

Time Out!

Former New York Knick center John Amaechi came out of the closet with the release of his book, Man In the Middle.
On a sports radio station former Miami Heat star, Tim Hardaway, responded to Amaechi's news and became the latest celebrity to go on a bigoted rant.

I knew I had to write about Tim Hardaway's homophobic ravings, but Monica being the phenominal griot she is, was on the case.

In the car today I heard a lot of Black talk radio on this issue and it made me sick. Well, it's Black History Month so what better time to make note of historical Black homophobia. Black churches are to blame for much of this homophobia and I plan to address that in another post.
There were so many calls about "the gays" and "love the person hate the sin" and choice and, "it was an unfortunate choice of words". Hardaway said "I hate gays". "I'm homophobic". That's not an unfortunate choice of words, it's how he feels. He said it with vehemence. Yet after the reaction, he apoplgized.

The NBA responded to Hardaway's comments by removing him from its All-Star weekend activities and other future appearances because NBA states it does not agree with his views. Any endorsments he has may also be in jeopardy. Oh well.

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