Friday, December 01, 2006


WE NEED A NEW ATTITUDE. More aggressive. More passionate and urgent. More personal. People understand personal.

People living with AIDS? Absolutely. But, aren't we ALL living with AIDS? This is the way I feel. It's personal. I remember people I have lost to this disease and I've had to live with that. There are people I love that have AIDS, so I am living with AIDS.
If you are out there dating, you are living with AIDS; if you have children out there in the world, you are living with AIDS. If you are a senior citizen who is after many years back out there seeking a mate, this time you are living with AIDS. Single women, teenagers, prisoners, athletes, sex workers and their clients, health workers, soldiers etc. etc. We are all living with AIDS in our lives.

Yes it's personal. Now feel the POWER!
See, here's the thing. We have the POWER! Complacency gives HIV the power. We, who are all living with AIDS, can take the power away from the virus. Together, we have the power to stop the spread of this disease and end the stigma attached to it. We must hold our governments and policy makers accountable for doing what needs to be done to end HIV/AIDS. Let them know it is a priority to deliver on their promises, fund the research, and provide medical care and medicine regardless of who or where you are. We need to take the responsibility to use this power as individuals, a nation and a world.

So today provides an opportunity to start a new attitude. Get re-informed, wear your red ribbons, go to memorials, join a group, talk to your kids, make a commitment to protect yourself, get tested, call a congressman, do something. It's personal. Do something powerful.

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E. Jayne said...

i feel like this World AIDS Day sort of went by without any notice. the complacency is scary, especially among people my age. there have been a lot of high profile campaigns lately, but they seemed to go by without much notice, as well. i wonder what it will take to shake up the nation again.

-marymusylisdead from lj

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

I definately agree, but the folks who were on the case seemed to be more aggressive and have more of a sense of urgency. I know I did. If people can't see what's happening, I guess it will have to happen to them up closer and personal before they decide to scream. I'm already there.