Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Morning After

Ok, I went to bed early about 9:30 pm and got up this morning to find the capital of my country is no longer a one party town. How 'bout that! And that's not all. In brief here's the scoop.

Democrats Take Control of House
Pelosi to Be First Woman Speaker of the House?
Oh I'll bet that makes W's day.

Republicans Struggle to Hold on to Senate
Democrats take 3 of the 6 seats needed with 2 states, Virginia and Montana still counting in close races with Dems slightly ahead in both.
Also 2 independents Joseph Lieberman (CT) and Bernie Sanders (VT) - both said they will align themselves with Democrats.
So if they get the close races, that'll be like 7. Ummm YAYYYY!

In Tennessee, Bob Corker beat Harold Ford Jr. proving that race bating still works. Although with these two candidates IMO it was a lose-lose situation. Yuck, either way.

In Florida, good ole Katherine Harris, (remember her) lost. Harris came to national attention in 2000 when, as Florida secretary of state, she certified Bush as the Florida winner in his nearly deadlocked presidential race with Al Gore.

Cruised in easy, Hillary Clinton and Edward Kennedy, of course.

Still around - Trent Lott of Mississippi. Why?

Women - 8 Senators, 6 (D) and 2 (R)

Democrats Take Majority of Governorships
My choice Illinois (R) Judy Barr Topinka lost to incumbent Rod Blagojevich
Still around - ARNOLD of California. Why?

South Dakota Pro-Lifer's take a big hit.
Abortion opponents hoped to pass a sweeping law banning the procedure and be the first step in a march to overturn Roe v. Wade. But it was not to be. The proposal failed, 55 to 45 percent.

Arizona Rejects Gay Marriage Ban
Arizona broke a strong national trend by refusing to change its constitution to define marriage as a one-man, one-woman institution. The measure also would have forbid civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Also in Arizona
Voters defeated a proposal that would have awarded $1 million to a randomly selected voter in each general election. Sorry Eric.

So now things should be more equitable in Washington DC. So get to work. No back biting and retaliation silliness, please.

We need a new war strategy, pronto. We need thoughtful action on energy, ecology, immigration, election reform, living wage, health care, and full marriage rights for all citizens.

We need to quit the hypocrisy and stop supporting tyrannical regimes when it suits our purpose.
We need to unite as Americans and stop using our differences as weapons. This can begin with Republicans and Democrats.
Oh I forgot to say, Good Morning.

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