Friday, November 10, 2006

Grey's A

BRAVA! To Alexandra Billings for her wonderful portrayal of a
Transgendered woman who faces some very difficult choices.
If you didn't catch it on Thursday it airs again tonight at 8/7 pm cst. You can also see the 11/9 episode "Where The Boy Are" at anytime.
Alex not only played this role with integrity and authenticity but as she always does, she brings a likability to her character, she makes you care.
Alex, you are awesome and you make us proud!!


Anonymous said...

That was a good grey's anatomy episode. You are right, I wis they could do a follow up on Nicki and Donna story. Alexandra is quite a good actress. Jackie, Be sure to let us know when she is on TV.


Jackie said...

Kim, my mother said the same thing. "I want to know what happens. Is she gonna be alright?"
Alex did a excellent job going from long awaited excitement to anguish and determination. She is an exceptional actor.
I'll try to post a heads up whenever Alex is on the tube.

Anonymous said...

The First Thanksgiving - A Post Holiday Treat

You've heard their exclusive interviews on Medialicious.TV, now listen to Alexandra Billings and Honey West in this classic radio "dramedy" about the First Thanksgiving. Is Joan Rivers really that old? OUTrageous!

AnnMarie Kneebone said...

I wonder if we wrote to the show saying we'd like to know what happens with Donna if they would consider it. It would a fun campaign.

Jackie said...

I'm all over that! Now to find out who to direct it to.