Tuesday, November 07, 2006

FLASH! New Link!

It's Dustin. She is beautiful, talented and has a zest for life that I truly admire. I mean this woman is a runner, photographer, author and yep even a candlestick maker. Her blog is a virtual buffet of topics, tips, lessons and fun. Get recipes or photo taking tips, travel to places near and far and learn of things unusual and interesting.

Dustin has lived in many parts of the world but now she and her husband Stephen and son Taylor live in California.

A few years ago Dustin was on a reality show called No Boundaries. That show followed 15 participants who challenged the wilds of the Yukon on a dangerous
trek between Vancouver Island and the Arctic Circle. Believe me this show made Survivor look like a trip to Kiddieland.

Dustin braves the rapids and much, much more. We loved getting snacks and gathering every Sunday for the show. She did not win it all, but she did well making it through several episodes. We were all so proud of her! And we still are. She just got her book published.
Lessons From A Recovering Worker Bee is for professionals who are starting their careers in the corporate environment as well as veterans of the corporate environment.

Dustin is my cousin. Her mom is my cousin Lavern, who shares my November 27 birthdate and was my hero when I was growing up. I would follow her anywhere and often did. So, now this little cousin who I babysat for is the new tie in my linkage.

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Dustin said...

Wow! That was so nice of you, such kind words and ...to include me as one of your links!

As you know, I really enjoy reading your blog because it makes me think, gives me a different perspective and it reminds me of my roots in the Midwest.

Again,thanks for the nice words and I look forward to reading more of your posts!