Friday, March 31, 2006

Go ahead and journal, girl!

This is a journal, but I haven't really been journaling, yet. Oh I can relate an event, but I'm still nervous about relating my personal journeys. I will though. Some bloggers are so good at this. My friend Alex can make you laugh until you faint about a trip to the store or stop you in your tracks and make you think and cry about a trip on the train or a going out for a smoke in the rain. Being an entertainer and just being Alex, she definitely has an interesting life, for sure. But the beauty is, she writes mostly about aspects of things we all experience but ignor, pass by or take for granted. And, sharing what she is feeling, she just lays it right out there. I'm not saying it's easy, but just saying she does it.

My mother had a serious bout with cancer and got through it pretty well. She had good doctors and was lucky, blessed, all that. Now the scarring from the radiation is causing a problem in her throat and the docs are trying to figure out what to do. The easiest methods of dealing with this are not an option so they are looking at possible surgery. It would be a big surgery so, don't know. Plus the cancer may be back. We are waiting for test results. Waiting and hoping. Whew! STRESSHUMONGO!
Dealing is all I can do. Dealing, researching, being her advocate with the doctors, and dealing some more.

Monica is my rock. But, she is having an unusally stressful school year so I have to remember she is my rock, but she is not A rock. Gotta take care of that girl. We went to see Nan Mason and Russ Long last Saturday. Big stress buster! Always good to see Russ, and Nan was in rare form. Nan sang Monica's favorite, Those Were the Days, which include some Nan antics that OMG! crack Monica the fuck up. Good to see that. We actually got up and went to church Sunday morning too. Absolutely the most uplifting and renewing support we could hope for.

Anyway my mom keeps busy cooking, doing those darn crossword puzzles and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles faster than the speed of light, (I never get to see the finished picture before it's off the table and a new one started) and watching her sitcoms. She hates all new sitcoms. She loves Beaver, Lucy and Andy Griffith, period. Of course movies, she likes all kinds but especially the older ones. Oh, and those damn James Bond-a-thons. She is also busy helping 7 year old great-grandson Marcellus with his homework, teasing 2 year old great-grandson NJ with cookies, fussing about Bush and his cronies, asking me what is it that is so fascinating about Paris Hilton, keeping up with Bobby and Whitney and asking me when is Alex going to write another movie or actor tribute. So she is dealing as well as she can. But that's JoJo (short for Josephine) she's always been strong and always, always busy.


Maria said...

Hey Jackie,
Good "journaling," love when you share thoughts about family. Better to connect with you. Your mom's in my prayers. Keep us posted. I understand Moni's stress...the best stress reliever is to be able to share it. So great you have each other.
Alex, Alex...she must be a wonderful person to know. Wish we all had that luck.
Till next time........

Jackie said...

Thanks Maria. You are a wonderful person to know, sweetie. We've been through a lot together. Thanks for being there.