Monday, March 13, 2006


Yep, saw the Stiletto Soul Circus on its closing show. I like to see the last show because the performers usually pull out all the stops. This is especially true with our friend Alexandra Billings. She is already one of the funniest people alive, but in a last show, she kills. Ad lib just doesn’t describe it, especially if the cast and audience are feeling it with her. Alex’s wit was moving fast although Stilettos last audience was not as sharp as it could have been. But those of us that were picking up on her under the breath jokes and asides were in heaven.

Monica and I saw this show three times. We’ve done this before with Alex’s shows. I don’t really care that much for opening nights. I like to let a show gel first. But I do like to go near the beginning because it’s interesting to see the development and how it changes. Of course I’ve got to really like the show to care. We saw it with my family and then with our friend Eric. This guy has the most infectious laugh and I don’t know when I’ve seen anyone enjoy anything more. Once the lights went down, I don’t think the smile left his face. He and Monica damn near knocked me out of my seat laughing, while at the same time I was keeping this old guy next to me from touching and rubbing my leg. I WAS MOLESTED AT THE CIRCUS! I said one word to him. HEY! I guess it was the look in my eyes because he totally stopped.

This has been a hard school year for Monica because she has no teacher aid and the kids are MONSTERS. So she likes nothing better than to watch Alex sing and do her thing. After the show Alex, Russ, Eric, Monica and I went to Baker's Square for a late dinner. We had a great time catching up, talking about the show and the recent Oscars. You haven't lived until you've seen Alex doing Katherine Hepburn singing It's So Hard Out Here For A Pimp. OMG! So Funny! Wonderful Evening!

For the last show we were with our friends Bill and Lee. Bill and I worked together for years but never socialized until a chance meeting at The Gentry last summer. These guys are sweet and funny and such enjoyable company. They have been fans of Russ Long and Alexandra Billings and another of our favorites, Honey West for years. It’s amazing we didn’t discover each other sooner. They absolutely loved the show saying it was even better than they thought it would be.

As the show wound near the finale I started to feel a little sad because soon we’d have to say goodbye to Russ who is going to his fabulous new home five hours away and to Alex who is going back to L A. Probably won’t see either of them again until summer. I have to admit that I cried a little when Alex did her flying thing around the stage. I wonder if she knows just how beautiful she is doing that. Monica says she looks like an angel.
So we had a lot of circus family and friends this week. It was fun!
And now, not a clown or juggler or brilliant doggy or witty Diva in sight. It’s Monday.

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Moni said...

Yep, the circus was a lot of fun! I like the last show too, and Alex really showed out! each time i saw it I saw something new and I told Mitchell (the ringleader, so to speak) that even though I saw it three times, I never once got bored. i didnt want it to end because it'll be a LONG time before we see Russ and Alex perform again. :( It was fun going with our friends, too, J. and especially fun going with you, Babe.

Love you,