Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dick Button

When did Dick Button become so negative? Sheesh! He almost drove me nuts doing the technical commentary for the ice skaters this Olympics. “I’m sorry but I have to tell you that she looks lethargic and out of shape.” OMG! I’ve never noticed him to be this way before.

I thought about it and I wonder if he is frustrated with the new scoring system.
I know I am. It takes all the fun and the art out of Olympic figure skating and ice dancing. The new rules have upped the technical athletic aspects to a level where the skaters seem to be a nervous wreck. It seems every movement is now counted as points or points loss. There is hardly room for creative expression, although they are still judged for it. I hope the Olympic committee will rethink this before 2010. Ice dancing and figure skating is more than triple whatzis and double toe whozis. They are artistic performances that are supposed to have an aesthetic quality, enjoyable to watch. Too much tech and it will become tedious for the skaters and boring for the audience. Tech and art, there should be a balance.


Alex said...

You know the thing that KILLS me? When Button was skating, the hardest thing he did was spin around in a circle with his arms in the air while 14 people with mats surrounded him in case he fell.

As much as Hamilton drove me nuts, I'd rather hear from him. He knows what it's like to jump around the ice like his pants were on fire.

And Flemming. Love me some Peggy Flemming. She can say anything she wants.

Jackie said...

Yep Alex, Peggy was pre triple, doubles and she was wonderful. Dorothy Hamil too.

But, I love the jumps and back flips, the more revealing daring costumes, the modern music, the whole nine. I just want the beauty element to equal the athletic and I don't like all the negative commentary.